How To Increase Traffic To Gain 1 Million Reach

How to increase traffic to you blog (Two main strategies to gain 1 million reach)

How To Increase Traffic Want more people to read your blog? Use these two strategies to get more traffic to your blog, and also get traffic from big names like neil patel and eric read. By Me.

Today i am going to share with you two which i use personally to reach 1 million readers across the world. its all about hacking the blog world and gain traffic logically.

How To Increase Traffic

This advice for getting more traffic doesn’t only for just blogging either. It can use for several things to get more customers or clients, get more followers on social media, or snag your dream freelance job. Here’s what you’ll learn today:

The best part: Once you learn the two systems for getting traffic to your blog, you can start using them today.

How to get traffic to your blog in 2 steps

On the recent time both king of bloggers new and experienced share the same kind of tips to get more traffic, SEO and reach more people available on internet. Most of the time the discussion are meaningless changes that they could get more traffic or get more readers to your blog.

“What SEO plugin i should use to get more traffic?” Does anyone think about it or i should change my blog name to get more traffic ? many more question arise etc etc ????

After 20 minutes of reading, I had to close the window because I was getting so frustrated.

Look, here’s a simple chart of what matters for getting traffic for your site:

How To Increase Traffic

Basically, there are two main factor the get more traffic without investing more money on adverting or depending on luck of our blog.

1) Writing really good content. What I call “remarkable content” – and then telling the right people about it.

2) Writing amazing “guest posts.” Articles for other relevant blogs with more traffic than you.

Lets take a deep detail on each of them and try to understand about it.

1. The ‘Unique & Remarkable Content Strategy’ (one of the absolute best ways to attract targeted new readers)

We have seen many business on internet which have very good written and this thing makes good reputation online and build business.

Maybe you have read people like Tim Ferriss, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, and other too who make regular high quality blog and make more reach then ever before.

With your great content you gain respect online and become expert too. Also help them to build there fan base and when you have good fan base then the opportunity will be open for you and your business.

The real question is: Can you do the same?

This is the great method to create some great content for your people who follows you online.

I spent hundreds of hours to know everything that turning it into free guide to creating great content that people love read and spend more time on your blog. and thing thing brings you more traffic ever then before.

This is the first one trick that i am going to share with you to craft top performing content that floods of traffic to your website or blog. before understanding it you need you answer there three question to understand it very clearly and help you How To Increase Traffic.

#1: What can I create that people would be irresistible to people?

If you want to How To Increase Traffic then keep it in mind, What is the content want to see and read it if you give them really informative content.

Did you notice something ? If its enough that they want to read more they will never back again because their work is already done by your blog post.

You can fill the gap between the readers knowledge and what they looking for also if you able to fulfill it then readers will stray more on your blog post.

also if done have anything to write or share knowledge but you still want traffic then what should you do ? A big question always come in everyone mind because every blogger want more and more traffic to there website as soon as possible if it can possible.

So in this case you can take the idea of other blog and rewrite the same blog but in your own language of the betterment for for readers so they can understand about it easily.

#2: How can I make it so valuable that they’ll write to me to say, “Thanks, this really helped me”?

A great content always solve a problem.

If you understand this above line then you will always try to write a good quality content. and start writing good quality content then you will find your readers or people try to thank to you by different mode of communication.

Great content is about more than just the information. It’s about getting your audience the results they want.

#3: What do I really feel I have to share with the world?

whenever you share some knowledge with the world they try share the knowledge which you would like to share from your heart or for which really have knowledge. Else what happen it will backfire you and people have got wrong image about your content.

I am writing these thing because this thing happen with many people.

And, one more thing if you really want to share some knowledge the try to share that kind of knowledge which you really feel to be shared.

If your writing lacks a personal touch, people will click away. Open up. Tell a story or two. Include a picture. The more real you are, the more you’ll stand out about How To Increase Traffic.

2. The ‘Guest Post Strategy’ (Use this to flood your blog with highly-familiar traffic)

Once you write good content then you will traffic to your website but you want to see huge traffic on your site then you have to write good content also for another blog which has more traffic then you.

You will see so many big bloggers that keep saying hey you can write up something really good on our website as a guest posting and so on. People will not going to be write it easily but you have to convince them anyhow.

It all boils down to creating a system for creating and promoting your content to these bloggers.

Here’s what that system looks like:

Strategy and planning (1 hour / week). This is when you research different bloggers and websites you can reach out to with bigger audiences than you.

Creating new content (2 hours / week). This is crafting content targeted towards specific bloggers.

Promoting new content (2 hours / week). This is time spent reaching out to those bloggers and websites with your content to see who wants it.

You can also send email to get more traffic to your website there are lots of way through which you increase lots of view and gain huge traffic for your website How To Increase Traffic.

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